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Long Term Care

You work hard, save and invest to reach your financial goals. You want to retire without financial worries, control your own future and never burden your loved ones. Maybe take a dream trip. Spend more time with family and friends. A summer home. An inheritance for your loved ones …

But did you include long term care in your retirement plans? If you live a long life, there’s a good chance you will eventually need it. And long term care may cost more than you think. LivingCare from Manulife lets you prepare today for the care you may need tomorrow.

LivingCare helps preserve your savings and investments and gives you choice about the type of care you receive. It lets you live all of your life your way.

Won’t the government cover me?
Many people believe that provincial health care plans fully cover long term care, or that their employee benefit plans include long term care coverage. They’re surprised when they learn that government programs are not comprehensive and Canadians have to pay for much of their care. And few employee benefit packages cover long term care.

The costs for long term care, whether in your home or in a facility, can be high. How would you pay for the care you need; the quality of care you deserve?

  • Use your savings or retirement income?
  • Use what you have set aside as an inheritance for your loved ones?
  • Depend on your family?
  • Use the equity in your home?

These are options, but there is a better way. LivingCare long term care insurance. It allows you to take control of your future. Today.

How can LivingCare help me?
If you or someone you know has cared for a loved one during a time of need, you know the toll it can take on quality time spent with your family, your energy level and quite possibly your pocketbook.
Preserve quality time for you and your loved ones

Your loved ones care about you and you know they’d do everything possible to make sure you’re cared for. But distance, work and their other family obligations can make caring for you very difficult … and very stressful.

A LivingCare policy helps you pay for long term care and services, which means you don’t have to rely on your family for financial help or hands-on care, or both. It gives you and those you care about the opportunity to spend quality time together.
Living Care can help:

When you need us most

If you need long term care, you and your loved ones shouldn’t have to go it alone. With LivingCare you can depend on Manulife when you need us most. When you have to make a claim.

You can expect a prompt and fair claims assessment. You can also expect courteous, empathic service delivered by our expert claims staff at Manulife. They’ll be in touch on a regular basis and you or your family can call them any time.

To make a claim you simply call us and we’ll arrange for a Care Advisor to contact you. The Care Advisor, a licensed professional such as a nurse or social worker, will meet with you to carefully guide you through the initial assessment of your situation.

Care where you choose

For many of us, our home is our refuge. Our safe place. If you need long term care, you shouldn’t have to leave the place that feels most comfortable. LivingCare coverage puts you in control of your choices and once you qualify for benefits you can use the Care Benefit to pay for personal assistance in your home, home modifications, medical equipment, or for anything else that will give you the care you need in the place you want to be.

But if you do find that you need care in a long term care facility, LivingCare doubles the benefit to help cover the higher cost for this more formal type of care.

More than financial assistance

You and your family will need more than financial support if you’re faced with a long term illness or injury. That’s why, once a year, you’ll have access to additional services from our Care Advisor while you’re receiving benefits. Care Support Services, an extra benefit to help you and your loved ones navigate the long term care delivery system in your local area, include:

  • A written recommendation of the type, frequency and duration of the long term care services you need.
  • A list of local long term care providers and the cost of their services.
  • Information about government and community long term care programs and resources.

    The Care Advisor will also help you or your family to connect with the appropriate care providers.

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