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Prescription Plan

On the life's most unpredictive times a need arises for a good amount of coverage to be there for untimely medical expense and that why we have a perscription plan in our vision to take care of these needs

Prescription Drug Exclusionns and Limitations

The following exclusions and limitations apply to prescription drug benefits:

1. This benefit excludes the following prescription drugs:drugs not listed in your provincial health prescription drug services formulary or drugs for which you have been granted special status, except where covered under the Prescription Drug Enhanced option, fertility drugs, drugs intended for the treatment of sexual dysfunction, lifestyle drugs, drugs intended for the treatment of hair loss or to restore hair growth, experimental drugs, diet drugs, drugs used for cosmetic purposes, over the counter drugs, drugs used to stop smoking, vitamin products, blood and blood plasma, contraceptives, except where covered under the Prescription Drug Enhanced option, contraceptive devices, foams and gels, atomizers, vaporizers, first aid supplies, food and nutritional systems, delivery and transportation charges, and video instructional kits, informational manuals or pamphlets.

2. This benefit excludes any prescription medication for any pre-existing medical conditions in which prescription medication has been taken in the six(6) months prior to application for coverage and/or prescription medication for which refills were authorized at the time of application, except where covered under the Prescription Drug Enhanced option.

3. Generic substitutions may be used to replace brand name prescription drugs, unless "no substitutions" is specifically indicated on the prescription by the physician.

4. Precriptions for compounds(a mixture of ingredients prepared by a pharmacist) are subject to the following restrictions.
     a. Eligible ingredients include benzoin tincture, hydrocortisone powder, liquor carbonis detergens(LCD), menthol, salicylic acid, sulfur, tar distillate, erythromycin powder, clindamycin powder and ketoconazole powder.
     b. Eligible bases include aquaphor ointment, dermabase, glaxal base, lanolin(anhydrous), petrolatum, and schering base.
     c. One or more of the eligible ingredients may be added to any of the listed eligible bases or any topical medication that is an eligible benefit under the prescription drug benefits.
     d. Compounds must contain an active ingredient in a therapeutic concentration that is an eligible drug under the prescription drug benefits.
     e. The following compounds are ineligible: compounds created where two eligible bases are combined, compounds for cosmetic purposes, such as baldness, dry skin or facial wrinkles, compounds that duplicate the formulation of a manufactured pharmaceutical product, and compounds that are unproven, such as drugs intended for oral use that are compounded into a topical mixture.

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Prescription Drug Benefits

Up to $5,000 per person per year under Enhanced plan.
Enhanced plan covers preexisting medications.
Available Basic plan at lower premium which covers up to $3,500 per person per year.

Also covers - Ambulance, Casts and Crutches, preferred Hospital room, Private duty Nurse, in hospital drugs, accidental injury to natural teeth, wheelchair, artificial Limbs, Patient walkers.

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