International Student Insurance

How International Student Health Insurance Is Helpful For you?

Canada has a large influx of students who flock the country from every part of the world to study at the world-class universities here. International student health insurance has been built in a manner that it help students and their families in bearing the cost of a medical emergency that may arise during the student’s […]

How International Students Can Counter Emergency Medical Expenses While In Canada

Every year Canada is host to thousands of students from all over the world at its various universities and business schools. International student health insurance is an assured way of protecting yourself and your family from unexpected medical emergencies and the expenses arising from it. Insuring yourself is not only a smart idea but also […]

What Is Included In International Student Health Insurance

International student health insurance is designed to provide a comprehensive insurance coverage to the students who belong to other regions or who does not have government health insurance. The coverage includes expenses in medical services and including hospitalization and also covers intensive care unit and coronary care unit. The diagnostic services and cost against prescriptions […]

What International Student Insurance Includes?

International Student Insurance is designed to take your worries out of any medical emergency during your studies. The cover includes expenses against hospitalization up to a semi-private room and in case required, includes intensive or coronary care. It has provision for medical, diagnostic and prescription services including dental expenses. Cost towards the medical appliances and […]

International Student Health Insurance

As for living, basic amenities are important, so is the international student emergency health insurance in Canada. If you have landed in Canada for study purpose, do ensure that you have a sound emergency health insurance as in Canada medical expense are very high. Insurance coverage depends on from province to province. As we have […]

University Health Insurance Ontario

University Health Plan By now we know that the University Health Insurance Plan or (UHIP) is a mandatory health insurance plan which is for all international students enrolled in an Ontario University.  This plan is intended to ensure that all international students have basic health care coverage while studying in the province of Ontario.   As an international student […]

International Student Insurance Canada

International students planning to study in Canada will now need a study permit with a few exceptions to this rule of permit. Those who will be completing a program or course in 6 months or less will not need a study permit during their authorized stay in Canada and Even though this permit is not […]