Does My Travel Insurance Cover A Pre-Existing Disease That I Have?

We take extreme care while designing travel insurance for seniors as we understand the challenges you face while travel abroad or within the country. Your travel insurance will take care of any medical emergency that you may face during your travel plan and this thoughtfully planned snowbird insurance is equipped to ease away the pain […]

Avail Incredible Benefits While In Canada With Super Visa Insurance

Imagine a situation where there is a grave health issue with your loved ones during a trip to another country. The expenses would be high and could be a strain on your budget. Super Visa Insurance is our way of assuring you that you face minimum hassles and the medical expenses are easily managed while […]

What Are Additional Benefits Under Travel Insurance Other Than Medical Coverage?

It is understood that the travel insurance covers the medical expenses that you might incur in you get sick while you are travelling but other than medical expenses there are a lot more in this Travel insurance. In the case of medical need, it also becomes difficult for the children you are having or your […]

Is There Any Refund Policy For The Premium Under Super Visa?

In order to meet your children or grandchildren studying in Canada, you need to make a plan and have to undergo various documentation formalities in order to obtain a visa. Thus, while opting for Super Visa it is obvious that you would be concerned that what would happen to the insurance premium that you have […]

Who can avail International Student Health Insurance?

International Student Health Insurance is a medical cover which takes care of your medical expenses in case of your medical emergency. Considering high cost of medical treatment in Canada this is a must have cover for you. However, this cover is not available for everyone. In order to have this, you should have enrolled yourself […]

Travel Insurance: Can I Get Treated For An Illness I Already Have?

It is the major concern for everyone who opts for a travel policy that whether the pre-existing conditions or illness can be treated under the insurance cover or not. The Travel Insurance provides for the cover of pre-existing health conditions but subject to its stability. The stability requirements of the pre-existing illness are well defined […]

Is it possible to change the Effective Date on my Super Visa Insurance Policy?

Super visa Insurance is designed in a manner that it suits your requirement and provide a customized insurance coverage whenever you plan to meet your children or grandchildren. You can opt for this cover even at the time you plan your visit. But there are possibilities that you might have to change your schedule of […]

Why To Get Visitors Travel Insurance To Canada

When you decide to take a break from your regular interval and plan a travel abroad or within Canada, you would certainly like to have a smooth and tension free travel. However at some stance, unfortunate events like minor accidents or even sickness could spoil your travel and can cost you a hefty sum. Even […]

What Is Included In International Student Health Insurance

International student health insurance is designed to provide a comprehensive insurance coverage to the students who belong to other regions or who does not have government health insurance. The coverage includes expenses in medical services and including hospitalization and also covers intensive care unit and coronary care unit. The diagnostic services and cost against prescriptions […]

Why We Need Super Visa Health Insurance?

It is very certain that you, being the parents or grandparents, wish to visit your loved ones who are in Canada. Due to various health issues and environmental changes, there is a likelihood that you might face unfortunate health issues or aggravation of your existing health condition. Thus, considering the exorbitant medical cost involved in […]