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How much does it cost for burial?

Average cost for Burial is around $10,000  although the price can increase based on your personal choices ,this can go up to $16,000  to $17,000  for Burial ,This cost is higher than cremation which is around $ 4500 and can go up to an amount of $6000 to $7000 .You may get or buy a […]

How much does it cost for cremation?

The average cost of cremation is around $4500 although the price can increase with additional costs depending upon the items requested based on your personal preferences , therefore cremation costs can go up to $7000 to $8000 . None of this would be a worry some issue for your family and relatives ,unfortunately since all […]

Is Funeral Insurance expensive?

No , Funeral insurance is not quiet expensive as you may be thinking though it only depends on a few things like your smoking status , it might depend on your health conditions if you you may have any at all . There are too may options which you have and you can make up […]

Is CPP death benefit enough for funeral cost?

Average cost of cremation is around $4500  ,and the average cost of burial  is around 10,000 dollars although this can be much higher based on your personal preferences and CPP ( Canada Pension Plan ) only pays $2500  if you qualify the conditions.the costs increase due to inflation, therefore the funeral home can charge you […]

How to claim Funeral Insurance Policy?

A Funeral Insurance cover,which is also called as burial insurance, can really help make ease the financial burden on your family as it can provide a payout, paying the cost of your funeral, when your family needs it most generally within 24 hours of receiving your completed claim form. Basically, Funeral Insurance is a prepaid funeral plan […]

Funeral Insurance for Cancer survivor

At Canada Insurance Plan we now have plans that cover cancer survivors ,if you were treated within last 3 years then you have waiting period for the first 2 years of the policy, God forbid if the insured happens to pass away then it is return of premium plus 3 % interest . If you […]

Is the Benefit of Funeral Insurance Tax Free?

Benefit of Funeral Insurance is Tax Free Yes, it is true that that the Benefit of Funeral Insurance is Tax Free ,as long as the premiums of the policy were paid from Tax Paid Dollars. Pre-planning takes the extra financial burden from your own loved ones and guess work out of your final wishes. The […]

What is the right age to buy a funeral insurance?

Right age matters Right age to buy a funeral insurance , in case of insurance age does matter and the answer would be sooner the better ,means you should be of a small age . When you are young in age the premium is affordable and the companies do not change the premiums for the […]

Manulife PensionBuilder

Manulife PensionBuilder Retirement plan Building guaranteed income for retirement Manulife PensionBuilder is a simple and straight-forward, and also a low-risk investment plan. In it you can convert your retirement savings into a dependable income that you can’t outlive. Whenever you’re going to get retirement or you are in the retirement stage, you may look to […]

Simple Steps to an Estate Plan

Simple Steps to an Estate Plan : Consider building a trust-It is simple ,if you hold your property in a the form of a living trust, your survivors won’t have to go through probate court, which is a time-consuming and an unnecessary expensive process which could be avoided. Protect your legal heirs property-You may always […]