Super Visa Parent and Grandparent Insurance

Super Visa Insurance- The Best Way To Insure Senior Citizens

Imagine the senior citizens in your family being faced with a difficult medical emergency in a foreign land. Apart from the medical expenses, the worry and trauma is something that you would like to avoid at all costs and Super Visa Insurance is the answer to such problems. Grandparents who visit Canada to meet their […]

How To Get Super Visa Insurance For My Parents

All Parents and Grandparents who want to visits their children and grandkids in Canada can apply for the Super Visa Program and utilize this opportunity. Here it is essential to buy super visa insurance for the senior citizens so that in case of any kind of medical emergency during the trip, all costs and facilities […]

I want to change Effective Date on my Super Visa Insurance Policy. Is it possible?

The Super Visa Program is a wonderful opportunity for parents and grandparents to visit their kids and grand kids in Canada and can do so for two years without renewing the status. It is essential to possess a Super Visa Insurance policy that is in-force so that any medical emergency can be quickly taken care […]

Unmatched Benefits You Will Get From The Unbeatable Super Visa Insurance

Travelling abroad to meet family is the time everyone looks forward too and you would not want to spoil the occasion because of illness and its accompanying and unexpected expenses.  Super Visa Insurance ensures that your trip remains unspoilt and every senior member of your family receives top class medical treatment while in Canada. The […]

Avail Incredible Benefits While In Canada With Super Visa Insurance

Imagine a situation where there is a grave health issue with your loved ones during a trip to another country. The expenses would be high and could be a strain on your budget. Super Visa Insurance is our way of assuring you that you face minimum hassles and the medical expenses are easily managed while […]

Is There Any Refund Policy For The Premium Under Super Visa?

In order to meet your children or grandchildren studying in Canada, you need to make a plan and have to undergo various documentation formalities in order to obtain a visa. Thus, while opting for Super Visa it is obvious that you would be concerned that what would happen to the insurance premium that you have […]

Is it possible to change the Effective Date on my Super Visa Insurance Policy?

Super visa Insurance is designed in a manner that it suits your requirement and provide a customized insurance coverage whenever you plan to meet your children or grandchildren. You can opt for this cover even at the time you plan your visit. But there are possibilities that you might have to change your schedule of […]

Why We Need Super Visa Health Insurance?

It is very certain that you, being the parents or grandparents, wish to visit your loved ones who are in Canada. Due to various health issues and environmental changes, there is a likelihood that you might face unfortunate health issues or aggravation of your existing health condition. Thus, considering the exorbitant medical cost involved in […]

Can I Cancel Policy After Getting Supervisa?

There could be several reasons for which you would like to cancel the Supervisa Insurance policy. In case you could not get Supervisa then the full amount of premium would be refunded. However, in certain occasions, you might decide not to avail Supervisa insurance and want to cancel it after getting the Supervisa. In such […]

Who Is Eligible For Super Visa Insurance?

In order to apply for the Super Visa Insurance, you must be a parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada and be allowed to enter Canada. You should also have a proof that your child or grandchild meets a minimum income threshold. A written statement from your child or […]