Assumption Life

Golden Protection Assumption Life Policy Wording.

Final expense insurance with no medical exam Your family means everything to you; give them the ultimate gift by sparing them the burden of having to pay for your final expenses during this difficult and trying time. • Immediate coverage. • Premiums that will never change. • Coverage of $1,000 to $50,000 for those aged […]

Assumption Group Insurance

Assumption Group Insurance You have to work very hard to become your business on top. In this field, you need reliable and skilled employees to maintain your business on that level which you always wish. In a time when employee recruiting is full of challenge and employee retention is very critical,It is important that you […]

Assumption Life of Canada

Assumption Life has been in the business since 1903. Over the years, the assets and number of policyholders have increased. The goal of providing 10,000 policies was reached in 1929, and company assets totaled $1 million in 1938. After twenty years from that period, La Societe  I’Assomption had $100 million in life insurance policies in […]