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Canada Life Non Med chart

Underwriting Requirement chart 2012 based on age and coverage amount (policy wording)

Lifestyle Protection Plan

Personal Products | Canada Life Disability insurance will provide you with an income which will help you meet your many financial obligations and also make you maintain your lifestyle if you Unfortunately became disabled. Lifestyle Protection Plan Created for professionals, business owners, executives and employees. This Plan is a typical personal disability insurance policy which […]

Millennium Universal Life Insurance

Canada Life Millennium universal life insurance provides the combination of permanent life insurance protection with the possibility to accumulate tax-advantaged growth. You can modify your insurance coverage according to your lifestyle, budget and financial aims. Millennium Offers Choice You have a option to choose the amount of premium to pay, within the minimum and maximum […]

Canada Life Disability

Disability Insurance This insurance is meant to provide you with a stable financial security by replacing a part  of your hard earned earnings when an unfortunate accident or illness causes you to become disabled and being unable to work or being able to earn an stable income. Unfortunately accidents and illnesses are a undeniable fact […]

Mortgage Protection under Canada Life

At Canada Insurance Plan we offer comprehensive life, disability, critical illness and terminal illness coverage.The benefits available and details of coverage vary product by product. Life – If you happen to pass away unexpectedly, the insurance can help your outstanding balance, up to a pre-determined maximum. Disability – A disability may be mostly physical which […]

Life Insurance | Canada Life | Products

A Solid financial plan can mean the difference between leaving your family financially Secured or leaving them to make up with debts and an unstable income. Life insurance can help create financial security for you and your loved ones. If unfortunately you should die prematurely, it can be used to: Provide an income for your […]

Affordable Life Insurance

Affordable Life Insurance Affordable Life insurance with ‘no health questions’ may seem like a time saving bargain, but you need to be aware of the fact that life insurance that seems too easy to obtain often has clauses you may not understand or expect. Quality Life Insurance is Affordable Canada Insurance Plan can be used […]