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Aging gracefully

Retirement Margaret and Peter are among the 45 per cent who worry about whether they have saved enough to cover the costs if one of them – or both – end up needing long-term care services. He’s 65 years old, she’s 63 and both are healthy right now, but they’re about to retire and have […]

All in the family

Talking to parents and children about money “The money talk.” It may be one of the most important conversations you ever have with your parents and your children, but many families aren’t sure how to approach the subject and what precisely they should be discussing. This article will help you start the discussion and make […]

House Proud

WHAT’S IN YOUR CRYSTAL BALL? The day you sign the papers and buy a new home is likely to be both exciting and stressful – exciting because you get a new space to call your own, and stressful because you’re making a huge financial commitment. Whether you’re jumping into the housing market for the first […]

After baby is born

Tips on Pathway to life Will you need daycare for your baby? This can be one of the toughest questions some new parents face as they weigh their career goals and family income requirements against their desire to stay home with their baby. You can look at the matter from a variety of angles, balancing […]

SAYING “I DO” to a new way to transfer wealth

THE WEALTH TRANSFER STRATEGY + YOUR MONEY = A HAPPY MARRIAGE Paul remembers his wedding vows as if he said them yesterday. In fact, it’s been 41 years since he said “I do” with Susan. What Paul remembers most is the “for richer or poorer” part. “We were poor. We were getting married because we […]

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Dollar-cost averaging

Managing Cost Buy low, sell high, may be the best way we know to accumulate wealth. What’s the best way to buy low right now? Consider dollar cost averaging — where you purchase a fixed dollar amount on a regular schedule, regardless of the share price. Fewer shares are bought when the prices are high […]

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Understanding your partner ’s money personality

Studying the expenses It is an interesting dynamic of couplehood: most people choose a partner whose “money personality” is exactly the opposite of their own – and, says Olivia Mellan, a money psychology specialist, if they don’t, they will actually create each other’s opposite over time. Mellan, president of Olivia Mellan & Associates Inc. in […]