Life Insurance Canada

Canadian Super Visa Insurance Program

Super Visa Insurance   Now days it is very easier to visit Canada for parents whose families live in Canada. Super Visa is a miracle for these families. Through Super Visa family members are allowed to remain with their family members in Canada up to 24 months without renew their status. The main advantage of […]

Cheap Dental Insurance Plan

Costs for dental treatment are usually very high and unless you have some sort of dental coverage, it is very hard to pay fully for treatments. Dental insurance is intended to help offset the costs associated with dental care. Today’s dental treatments range in cost from $300 per year for regular dental hygiene visits, to […]

Do You need Universal Life Insurance?

Universal Life Insurance is like a Permanent Life Insurance and aim of Universal Life Insurances towards seniors. The main feature you find in Universal Life Insurance is that you can vary your policy premium payments which are not applicable in other policies. Moreover, the death benefits face amount is also flexible and you can vary […]

Importance of Funeral Insurance

Funeral Insurance also called burial, final expense or pre-need insurance, refers to a group of products intended to pay for final arrangements. Most of us don’t like to think about our own or for any loved one’s funeral, but no matter how much we ignore the inevitable, the truth is that when the time comes […]

Parent and Grandparent Super Visa Insurance

Jason Kenney, the Canadian immigration minister had promised that Canada Super Visa will help parents caught up in immigration backlog to visit their children. It was stated to be a generous visa facility for coming to Canada.Kenney has announced that Canada intends to grant visas to 35,000 parents and grandparents of immigrants in 2013. You […]

Super Visa Insurance For Parents and Grandparents.

The Super Visa allows ‘visitors’ to reside in Canada for up to two years, without the need to renew their visa. To avail Super Visa you need to have insurance from a Canadian Insurance company. For Canadian Citizenship, Immigration Canada provide the following requirements to be eligible for the Super Visa: 1. Super Visa Insurance […]

Do you need Super Visa Insurance?

Parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents now have a new alternative for visiting Canada with Super Visa Insurance. Super Visa  allows the visa holder to remain in Canada for up to two years at a time without the need to renew their visa. The government has enforced that applicants applying under Super Visa […]

Super Visa Medical Insurance

Citizenship authority of Canada has declared that Parents and grandparents will be eligible to apply for “Super Visa”. Canadian government introduced the “Parent and Grandparent Super Visa,” a new type of temporary resident visa which will be valid for up to ten years. Super Visa has proven too expensive for many families because it requires […]

Looking For Super Visa Insurance?

The Super Visa Insurance allows parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents to visit Canada for up to two years. This change is welcome as it is more convenient. Visitors may come and go throughout two years without applying for a new entry visa. However, the following requirements apply: 1) A Super Visa […]

Super Visa Insurance Plan for Visitors to Canada

Whenever you are traveling to visit  your family or friends in Canada for few days or a few months. Your government Health Care plans don’t travel with you. Super Visa makes it easier than ever before for parents and grandparents to visit in Canada. In Canada hospital bills are on average $7,000 to $10,000 for […]