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Ideal Segregated Funds and Estate Planning

Estate Planning What is a Death Benefit Guarantee? A Death Benefit Guarantee is one of the benefits of a segregated fund that is equal to at least 75 per cent (and up to 100 per cent, depending on the contract) of premiums less previous withdrawals 1. It protects the value of your investment if you […]

Standard life Ideal Segregated Funds – Classic

Ideal Segregated Funds – Classic An ideal Segregated Funds – Classic is mainly designed to provides you financial protection when you needed in life. In this, you will have a option to find it remarkably easy to switch from saving for retirement to taking income from your savings.An ideal Segregated Funds – Signature Series gives […]

Standard life Retirement Planning (Segregated funds)

Standard life Retirement Planning (Segregated funds) Ideal Segregated Funds What is a segregated fund? A segregated fund is combination of  the potential performance of a mutual fund with also the security of an insurance product. A segregated fund is also a collection of bonds, stocks and other investments just like a mutual fund and it […]