Best Travel Insurance Plans

Traveling by any vehicle as a passenger or as driver could be risky at times. Motor vehicle accidents are the second leading cause of all hospitalizations in Canada. However, the risks become even greater when driving in a foreign country, where driving habits, road conditions are uncertain,  and traffic rules can be vastly different than at home.

If you are also the one who is planning to cross the border in your vehicle over the next few months? Likely your clients are too. According to recent Statistics Canada, Canadians made 2.5 million  car trips on same-day to the United States in December 2011—the highest monthly level which was last observed in the May of year 1998. With a consistently strong Canadian dollar and increased duty-free limits, expect these numbers to increment  throughout the year.

Some travel insurance companies exclude any claims related to motor vehicle accidents altogether.But we at Canada Insurance plan tend to give you the very best of the Travel Insurance Plan with our great experienced and caring team.

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