Different Plans of Travel Super visa Insurance and their benefits

Different Plans of Travel Super visa Insurance and their benefits
New super visa make easier for parents and grandparents to visit their families which are in Canada. super visa allowing parents 24months to remain in country without renew their status. as we are all familiar that to get super visa we have to submit our proofs and they have
purchased medical insurance from a Canada insurance company. company offers a minimum coverage of $100,000 for health care which is at least valid for one year. Medical insurance provided by Canadian medical insurance company provided you health care, hospitalization and reputation. Canada medical company provide you lots of benefits and benefits provided by super visa insurance plans are depending upon the type of plan we choose. Different plans of travel Super visa Insurance provide you different benefits. In general insurance company provide you maximum benefits of $15000, $25,000 $50,000 $100,000 and $150,000. As here we are talking about different plans of travel super visa  insurance so we discuss the types of plans and their benefits.
Plan A: this plan does not provide any coverage for pre existing medical conditions. Weather these conditions are diagnosed or undiagnosed.
plan B: In plan B coverage provided by company for stable pre existing medical conditions that are stable with 180 days before the effective date of the insurance. Medical questionnaire is only mandatory for applicant whose age is 35 years or over. Medical questionnaire is provided online by most of insurance companies.

Major medical benefits provided by super visa medical insurance plans are:
Emergency medical attention which include medical care from physician
professional service due to covered risk
Ambulance transportation
Emergency treatment

Benefits arrange by assistance center are:
Expense related to death which cover medical condition up to $3,000
Expense to return home
childcare expense up to$100
Trip brakes for temporary visit back to your country of origin.

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