How to Get Travel Insurance for Students

Student Travel Health Insurance TIC How to Get Travel Insurance for Students

The Canadian Scholar’s Guide to Student Travel Health Insurance

It is a great opportunity for students to study in abroad as it allows them the chance to expand their horizons. It changes their life experience. You don’t have need to worry regarding student health insurance, If you are a Canadian student and planning to pursue your studies in a foreign country.

What should I do to extend my health care coverage?

You might be just follow some steps to take in order so that you don’t miss Canadian health insurance benefits, If you are leaving the country for an extended period of time. You must contact your provincial health care office to apply for a special insurance card,  Before your departure. If you do not inform them about  your travel plans, your insurance will be lapse after 180 – 212 days from your date of departure. You are a traveling student, so you should remain eligible for health care benefits until your return to your province, as long as you keep your health care status updated.

You need to present a letter of your school  admission, in which you are going to attend, a copy of your birth certificate and a letter of  requesting extended insurance coverage, to apply for a special annual health insurance card. After submission of these documents, you will receive a certificate that confirms your eligibility for this type of coverage.

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