How International Students Can Counter Emergency Medical Expenses While In Canada

Every year Canada is host to thousands of students from all over the world at its various universities and business schools. International student health insurance is an assured way of protecting yourself and your family from unexpected medical emergencies and the expenses arising from it.
Insuring yourself is not only a smart idea but also puts your parents at rest since they are secure with the fact that in the case of a crisis, the financial burden can be taken care of.Medical costs are rising and health care in Canada is expensive especially for students who live here on a strict budget.
There are many affordable plans available for the student community and provide a host of benefits that take care of critical areas like visits to doctor’s office, emergency medical evacuation, sports coverage, prescription drugs, mental health and more. Students have the flexibility to opt for a lump sum payment or a monthly one. Take your choice and relax!

* Please refer to policy wording for full details of benefits and exclusions.

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