Is CPP death benefit enough for funeral cost?

Average cost of cremation is around $4500  ,and the average cost of burial  is around 10,000 dollars although this can be much higher based on your personal preferences and CPP ( Canada Pension Plan ) only pays $2500  if you qualify the conditions.the costs increase due to inflation, therefore the funeral home can charge you whatever they feel their costs are, and I feel that area becomes main issue of worry of overcharging clients.Did you know what cost of a funeral will roughly double about every 12 years so if you can afford it you should be starting a plan with your funeral home most offer programs that allow you “n” number of years to pay for the funeral with the added benefit that should you die before the balance is paid you or your family isn’t responsible for any difference between deposits paid and the total funeral cost.So, therefore Funeral Insurance is any how going to be expensive adding the number of years . Prepaid funeral is the guarantee of the cost of services that most funeral homes offer as a standard to their client families.

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