Super Popular-Super Visa

The Super Visa program is a path for applicants to gain long-term visitor status in Canada. Under normal circumstances, visitors are admitted to Canada for only six month stays. Parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents have an option for visiting Canada. As of December 1, 2011, you may be eligible to apply for the Parent and Grandparent Super Visa and enjoy visiting your family in Canada for up to two years without the need to renew your status.

Why we called it Super Visa?

It is “super” because it allows parents/grandparents of Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents to stay in Canada for up to 2 years at a time without the need to renew. When the time comes, they may renew their visa for up to 10 years, with multiple entries allowed during the entire time period.

Who Does the Super Visa Benefit?

The Super Visa application process is very straightforward.

However, a few additional items are required to demonstrate that the applicant will be supported while in Canada. These include:

  • A letter of invitation from the child or grandchild residing in Canada
  • Documents that the child or grandchild meets the Canadian Low Income Cut-off minimum
  • Proof of relationship to the child/grandchild, such as a birth certificate that names the parent
  • Proof of medical insurance for 1 year with a Canadian insurance company

Medical insurance is required because, as visitors, individuals sponsored through this program are not eligible to receive Canadian healthcare.

Why Super Visa is Super Popular?

More than 15,000 Parent and Grandparent Super Visas have been issued since the program’s launch in December 2011. The Parent and Grandparent Super Visa provides families with flexibility, and it is clearly growing in popularity. With this more and more parents and grandparents are getting the opportunity to spend longer periods of time with their loved ones in Canada.


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