Super Visa Insurance For Parents and Grandparents.

The Super Visa allows ‘visitors’ to reside in Canada for up to two years, without the need to renew their visa. To avail Super Visa you need to have insurance from a Canadian Insurance company.

For Canadian Citizenship, Immigration Canada provide the following requirements to be eligible for the Super Visa:

1. Super Visa Insurance Requirements.

To be eligible the visitor must first buy a Canadian medical insurance plan that is valid for at least one year and has minimum coverage of $100,000.

The Super Visa insurance must also be valid for each entry to Canada and be available for review by a port of entry officer.

2. Commitment of Financial Support.

The child or grandchild must make a commitment of financial support of the visiting parent or grandparent and have a minimum income to be eligible.

3. Immigration Medical Examination.

Applicants must complete and pass an immigration medical examination by a doctor on Canada’s list of Designated Medical Practitioners.

Canada Insurance Plan provides Super Visa plan which lowers the fees required for the application, making it a simple process to come to Canada on short notice – and allows permanent resident visa applicants now waiting for processing to come to Canada after only a short super visa application process. It is must that Applicants have to obtain private Canadian health insurance during their stay.


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