Can I get Premiums refunded if my parents decide not to come after getting Super Visa?

It depends which Insurance company you got your SuperVisa Insurance Policy from, some insurance companies allow you to cancel the trip before effective date, you can have 100 % refund where as other companies do have a cancellation fee for a Super visa insurance , If you cancel it after getting visa . For example Travel Underwriters ,if you wish to cancel the policy after getting the visa ,there is a fee of $250 as a cancellation fee. Similarly , TIC (Travel Insurance Coordinator) has a fee of $100 as a cancellation fee for Supervisa insurance, in case you want to cancel the policy after getting Super visa.

However most of the companies give 100% refund, so it is a good idea to discuss with you advisor, refund policy of the plan you are purchasing, does it allows you to change your mind.  Should you have any question please call us at 1-866-517-0606.

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