How To Get Super Visa Insurance For My Parents

All Parents and Grandparents who want to visits their children and grandkids in Canada can apply for the Super Visa Program and utilize this opportunity. Here it is essential to buy super visa insurance for the senior citizens so that in case of any kind of medical emergency during the trip, all costs and facilities can be easily managed.

It can be purchased from any leading insurer in Canada after asking for a super visa insurance quote and one can be assured of complete medical care. It is a versatile policy that has one of the lowest premiums available and you won’t lose any money if the visa is not granted for any reason. All expenses of hospitalization, diagnostics, prescription and also dental care are taken care of. You can be assured your parents will travel hassle-free to Canada without a worry on their minds.

* Please refer to policy wording for full details of benefits and exclusions.

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