Unmatched Benefits You Will Get From The Unbeatable Super Visa Insurance

Travelling abroad to meet family is the time everyone looks forward too and you would not want to spoil the occasion because of illness and its accompanying and unexpected expenses.  Super Visa Insurance ensures that your trip remains unspoilt and every senior member of your family receives top class medical treatment while in Canada. The choice of Plan A, Plan B and Comprehensive gives multiple options to choose from.

The entire Diagnostics services is covered in this coverage and this includes Laboratory tests, x-rays, MRI scans, CAT scans, sonograms, ultrasounds and biopsies. This covers a huge area of diagnostics and is a great relief to the patient and his family members. With quick professional help available at all hours, it assures great peace of mind while on a trip abroad. Get yourself a super visa Insurance quote and check these amazing benefits for yourself.

* Please refer to policy wording for full details of benefits and exclusions.

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