Does My Travel Insurance Cover A Pre-Existing Disease That I Have?

We take extreme care while designing travel insurance for seniors as we understand the challenges you face while travel abroad or within the country. Your travel insurance will take care of any medical emergency that you may face during your travel plan and this thoughtfully planned snowbird insurance is equipped to ease away the pain and hassles associated with it.

The travel health insurance for seniors will make sure that you enjoy your trip with your loved ones so leave the worries to us. If you have declared any pre-existing disease in your declaration while purchasing the policy, you will be covered for the same, provided the necessary stability requirements have been met. Depending on your age and the effective date of insurance, our travel insurance for seniors will provide an assurance that your travel abroad is hassle free and void of health expenses of any kind.

* Please refer to policy wording for full details of benefits and exclusions.

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