Travel Insurance: Can I Get Treated For An Illness I Already Have?

It is the major concern for everyone who opts for a travel policy that whether the pre-existing conditions or illness can be treated under the insurance cover or not. The Travel Insurance provides for the cover of pre-existing health conditions but subject to its stability. The stability requirements of the pre-existing illness are well defined under the policy and have been categorized into 4 types.

The pre-existing conditions which are not stable in 90 days, 180 days and 365 days prior to the effective date of insurance. There is one more category of the illness which is in existence prior to the effective date. Based upon your answers relating to Pre-existing conditions, you are categorized into Rate categories and accordingly premium is charged.

Thus, the product has all the options to offer you irrespective of the fact that you are already suffering from any illness. More details can be extracted from the policy document.

* Please refer to policy wording for full details of benefits and exclusions.

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