What Are Additional Benefits Under Travel Insurance Other Than Medical Coverage?

It is understood that the travel insurance covers the medical expenses that you might incur in you get sick while you are travelling but other than medical expenses there are a lot more in this Travel insurance. In the case of medical need, it also becomes difficult for the children you are having or your travel companions and they are also burdened with the additional cost of emergency return.

Similarly, you also face problem in handling your pet or the return of your vehicle in which you are travelling. Considering these collateral expenses which are attached to you, this Travel Insurance Plan offers the protection against these expenses as well. There is provision for return and escort for children whereas your travel companion can also avail benefit under this policy.

Similarly, this also covers expense towards the return of pet and additional baggage. The covers are extended subject to the terms of the policy and for better understanding the policy document should be thoroughly looked into.

* Please refer to policy wording for full details of benefits and exclusions.

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