Why To Get Visitors Travel Insurance To Canada

When you decide to take a break from your regular interval and plan a travel abroad or within Canada, you would certainly like to have a smooth and tension free travel. However at some stance, unfortunate events like minor accidents or even sickness could spoil your travel and can cost you a hefty sum.

Even though you have government health insurance plan, it has limited coverage and major exclusions and would be applicable only within Canada. Thus, it is very necessary that you have an insurance cover so that you can avoid worrying in the case of any exigency.

The travel insurance is suited to seniors as well as Snowbird travelers as it provides for coverage up to $5,000,000 CAD and includes expenses incurred in hospitalization, medicines, and even diagnostic services. In case you are traveling outside Canada, it also stretches to cover the air transportation expenses and repatriation.

Thus, this comprehensive insurance plan should be the part of your travel kit which would make your travel stress free. It is always advisable to go through the complete policy document in order to choose the best-suited plan for you.

* Please refer to policy wording for full details of benefits and exclusions.

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