Visitors to Canada – Supervisa Insurance

Visitors to Canada are supposed to have emergency medical travel insurance from a good Canadian insurance company. Usually the average hospital stay in Canada costs up to $7,500 and it might be even more for patients with an underlying complication like diabetes or cancer . Prescription drugs might also significantly contribute to the overall expenses. That’s why it makes sense to suggest that you as clients to have the proper coverage rather than be faced with an unexpected medical bill.

If your visitor is staying for several months, there are two approaches to offering protection.

First, if the client is concerned about premium dollars up front, select coverage for a portion of their trip, and extend (there is no waiting period if the coverage is seamless). The key consideration is that if the visitor has made a claim in the first three months, the request to extend coverage may be denied depending on the circumstances.

The second option is to suggest VTC coverage for the entire trip (up to 365 days with the ability to purchase a subsequent policy). If the visitor has not made any claim against the policy and returns home early, a refund may be requested for the unused days. The minimum for a refund request is $25.

In case of VTC travel insurance for someone who is already in Canada, it is still possible to purchase coverage. If the visitor has been here for less than 30 days, the waiting period is 48 hours. If the visitor has been here for a month or more, the waiting period is 8 days.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada recently introduced the new Super Visa which allows parents and grandparents of permanent residents in Canada to stay in Canada for up to 24 months.

Super Visa applicants must demonstrate that they have purchased one year of Visitors to Canada travel insurance (Supervisa Insurance) with a minimum coverage of $100,000.

 Over 15,000 Parent and Grandparent Supervisa Insurance Issued

In March 2013, Citizenship Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister announced More than 15,000 Parent and Grandparent Super Visas have been issued since the program’s launch in December 2011. The Parent and Grandparent Super Visa provides families with flexibility, and it is clearly growing in popularity. more and more parents and grandparents are getting the opportunity to spend longer periods of time with their loved ones in Canada.

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