Super visa – Working is not allowed under this visa.

Working under so called Super Visa is not allowed for the parents and grand parents ,it is only that they are allowed to stay for a long duration of time .You may have to prove that they have bought Canadian medical insurance coverage for at least one year and it will costs your parents something around 4000$ to get such insurance for one year. So it will cost them 4000$ for insurance even if they are going to stay for two weeks only. Sponsors income should be above 125% of poverty line,If not enough you will have to end up getting resources from other friends/family/organizations/ who would be willing to back up the income. Super visa is only for those who have sponsors that can demonstrate that they can provide for the applicant (parents) that is your annual income would have to be above Low Income levels if you were the sponsors :

Size of Family Unit Minimum necessary income is as follows :
1 person (the sponsor) $22,229

2 persons $27,674

3 persons $34,022

Insurance in this case could be got for a minimum of $60 a month but you may confirm it before apply via website.

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