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Group Insurance

You have to work very hard to become your business on top. In this field, you need reliable and skilled employees to maintain your business on that level which you always wish. In a time when employee recruiting is full of challenge and employee retention is very critical,It is important that you offer an innovative benefits program so that it sets you really apart from the competition. Assumption Life  provides you group insurance for 50 years and its products custom-made insurance plans to suit your company’s needs. We determine to help you in the coverage that will allow you to retain and motivate your employees, and it will also in your budget. We are flexible with you to choose the options that gives benefit to you from our all of products.Also assumption life’s Cost Plus program is a very good option that can be worked out for all the  dental and health expenses which might exceed the limits which are outlined in the Benefits Summary or might not be covered by the Group Insurance Plan as seen.
The expenses which are generally not covered by law are mostly not included under this option.
Cost Plus generally provides below written advantages:

  • Cost plus may Cover otherwise uninsured expenses
  • Here premiums become a deductible business expense
  • The benefits are generally non-taxable income for the employee (is not applicable in Quebec)
  • Claims paid do not affect the experience of the group

Group Insurance are applicable through following list of cares:

» Dental Care

» Life Insurance

» Health Care

» Accidental Death

» Dependent’s Life Insurance

» Short-Term Disability

» Long-Term Disability

» Cost Plus

» Best Doctors

» Special authorization request

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