Forester Mortgage Protection and Options


Mortgage Protection

It is very important when you are thinking to take a mortgage that you have life insurance to cover in place for the outstanding amount. But have you ever think that how you will repay the mortgage? And, how do you know that you have chosen the right way to support financially your family when they will need?

Here, Forester Life’s Mortgage Protection is simply designed to cover your mortgage, not only in the condition when you may demise unexpectedly, but also in your serious illnesses and any permanent disability. You will also get assured personal attention and also can get a quality service at all times .

Mortgage Protection Options

In the options of Mortgage Protection you will be able to cover your outstanding amount of a mortgage or other loan. Your amount that you will pay only depends upon the benefits that you have chosen already.

You can choose any combination of the following benefits:

  • Life Benefit: It provides mortgage protection cover for your premature demise and serious illness.
  • Critical Illness Benefit: It provides mortgage protection cover for your permanent disability and also your critical illnesses.
  • Combined Life and Critical Illness Benefit: This combination provides mortgage protection cover for premature demise, terminal illness, permanent disability and also critical illnesses.

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