Insured Group Benefit Plans for groups of 26 or more employees

Insured Group Benefit Plans

Plans for groups of 26 or more employees

GMS Insured Benefit Plans are made and custom-quoted for groups of 26 or more employees of your company.
Our an Insured Group Benefits Plan can be tailored to fit each group of benefit schedules, coverage restrictions.

Custom Quotations

These Insured Benefit Plans provides competitive bids for your companies with existing plans, which can give you a good feedback. If you want to get a competitive quotation, you are requested that employers supply the following information:

  • Your current company schedule of benefits or equivalent plan design
  • Your employee’s demographics (including family status, date of birth, occupations)
  • If any life/disability is being quoted, salary and hire date of each employee is required in Insured Benefit Plan
  • Employee’s length of time with current carrier
  • Your company claims and rate history (with effective dates)

Life & Disability Coverage

These Plans also helps you to provide quotes for group Life Insurance, Dependent Life, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Weekly Indemnity and Long Term Disability for 3 or more enrolments.
If you want to get GMS Insured Benefit Plan quote, you can contact insurance broker (toll free number 1.800.283.5467)  to provide you best  information,what you need to create a GMS Insured Group Benefit Plan for your business today.

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