2013 Manulife Bank RRSP Loan Program

An RRSP Loan could help you keep your retirement savings plan on track and grow your savings through the power of compounding. With our wide range of investment options and simple, fast online application process, helping you maximize your RRSP contributions has never been easier.

RRSP Loan features

  • The maximum RRSP Loan amount is $23,000.
  • Loan terms of 12 to 24 months are available.
  • Flexible payment options – clients can select a 90-day payment deferral for a loan with a 12-month term and use their tax refund to repay the loan without penalty.
  • A competitive interest rate.
  • A wide range of investment options:
    • Manulife Bank GICs and Registered Advantage Accounts
    • Manulife Investments GICs
    • Manulife Segregated Fund contracts
    • Manulife PensionBuilder contracts
    • Manulife Mutual Fund accounts
    • Manulife Securities nominee name and Freedom Accounts (all available investment types)
    • Manulife Securities client name accounts (AGF, CIG, FRC, HIC, MMF and TML Funds)

RRSP at manulife has already been popular over Pension income splitting

Important deadlines

To qualify for a “First 60-Day Contribution” receipt, you must submit your signatures as clients to your Advisor on the loan documents by midnight on March 1, 2013. All applications will be “Submitted” online and your signed loan documents will be faxed to Manulife Bank in good order through your Advisor by midnight on March 2, 2013. For further details and changes(if any) be in touch with your Advisor.

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