Canadian Super Visa Insurance Program

Super Visa Insurance


Now days it is very easier to visit Canada for parents whose families live in Canada. Super
Visa is a miracle for these families. Through Super Visa family members are allowed to
remain with their family members in Canada up to 24 months without renew their status.

The main advantage of Super Visa Insurance is that Super Visa is valid for 10 year and permits you for a single entry or multiple entries within this time interval. One of the main requirements for obtaining Super Visa for Canada is Super Visa Insurance. Applicants who apply for Super Visa must submit proof that they purchased private medical insurance from Canada insurance company. The policy you purchased is minimum valid for one year and offers you coverage up to $100,000 for health care and hospitalization.

We offer you Super Visa Medical Insurance through Travel Super Visa Medical
Insurance is good for multiple entries throughout the two years life of visa. This is different
in some ways from 10-year multiple entry visa because it has some requirements like it
requires that time spent in the country is not exceeds six months. Only those families are
eligible which prefer certain conditions that they are legitimate family members of the

We provide you Super Visa medical insurance from Canadian insurance companies by confirming that super visa you apply is for your parents or grandparents. Before applying to insurance you have to keep in mind some following points:

  • Coverage must be for a minimum $100,000
  • Policy or which you apply must have a minimum duration of 1 year.
  • Refunds will be provided if you don’t get visa for Canada.
  • If you leave Canada before one year then you get refund on.

To keep in mind all above thing we provide you Cover Me Travel Single Trip Plan which
offers you:

  •  Coverage in amounts of either $100,000 or $150,000
  • Trip Interruption, Travel Accident and Top-Up coverage is also available, along with deductible savings that can lower the cost of premiums even more

Applicants can apply online or just as easily by calling toll-free 1.800.283.5467

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