Seaching For Affordable Student Health Insurance?

If you are enrolling for higher studies abroad, then the health of the students is always considered to be the matter of concern. Because in these countries , your government health care plans don’t travel with you. Affordable Student Health Insurance designed by Canada Insurance Plan provides the coverage you need, and the customization you want to create benefits plans.

Our Insurance Plan is an affordable, flexible plan  and also provides you relevant health information. We ensure you that our students can receive convenient, high quality on campus-care when they are sick or injured without having to be concerned about cost or availability of the care they need.

Preventative health care visits are covered at the Student Health Center.

Important Health Insurance Factors to Consider

In order to maximize every penny that will come out of the student’s pocket, one should consider these factors when shopping for international student health insurance.

• Cost – for all students who want to study abroad, the cost of health insurance is an important factor when calculating and planning for the total financial cost.

• Coverage – understanding the coverage of student insurance is also important. The extent of coverage determines the end cost of the insurance. Some coverage factors include deductible, maximum insurance limits, coverage for organized sports, mental health and possibly maternity.

What is covered by our Affordable Student Health insurance?

Unlimited health care visits for case of illness or injury.

Special or elective procedures and tests.

Medications, Immunizations.

Emergency Medical Insurance for international students.

Medical and extended health care solution all-in-one hospital.

Mental Health Care.

Unlimited in-house health center laboratory tests for illness or injury.

The Bottom Line.

While students studying abroad want to spend as little money as possible, obtaining the right international affordable student health insurance is one of the most important things to consider when planning for international study.

Foreign students should take the time to understand what they are buying and how the coverage works.

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