Sunlife Financial Retirement income products

Retirement Income Products

Payout Annuity

It would provide a guaranteed income for life or for a term the person/client chooses.It is an ideal product for individual or clients who want worry- free income with no active investment management, for those who have the potential for maximum income over a lifetime because of the mortality credits. Talk to you as client who want a retirement plan that includes Money for life. The SunWise Essential Series segregated fund contract with guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefits (GMBW) is for the individuals looking for the growth potential of investment funds and guaranteed retirement income, combined with the benefits of an insurance contract, including estate planning advantages and potential creditor protection. The GMWB provides a guaranteed, predictable annual income available at age 65, of at least 5% of their deposits for life, regardless of market performance.

SuperFlex accumulation annuity income from interest option and Incomr Master RRIF (WSD) You as a client would receive a guaranteed growth with daily , qurterly, and annual interest rate options with the superflex accumulation annuity. They can receieve interest income to their bank account.

SLF Trust GIC, SunGIC Max interest income option is ideal for those who are risk averse and looking for guaranteed interest rates with control over investment direction. taking income from growth allows clients to preserve invested capital.

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