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Medipac Travel Insurance

Medipac Travel Insurance has earned the Canadian Snowbird Association’s exclusive endorsement as the preferred travel insurance plan for the 2012-2013 travel season. According to a recent survey of our members and many Canadian travelers, the greatest concern while choosing a travel insurance plan is the comprehensive coverage balanced by price and emergency assistance services that support the plan.

Why Medipac?

The Medipac plan covers most stable pre-existing conditions irrespective of age. The coverage is comprehensive with an easy-to-understand policy. Their plans provide exceptional value with their Claim Free, loyalty and early bird travel insurance discounts with savings up to 22% or thousands every year.

Emergency assistance is discussed rarely by other travel insurance providers and is hardly found in marketing materials. The reason is outsourcing these critical services to third parties where yours calls may be answered by call-center clerks. Medipac Travel Insurance has number of real medical professionals to answer your calls for assistance while traveling. There are Medipac’s doctors and nurses that can help you navigate the often complicated foreign medical systems.

What is Medipac Travel Insurance Plan at a glance :
•The plan can be purchased online using their secure online travel insurance application protected by VeriSign, the internet’s security certificate authority.
• New client Incentives are available and the Medipac clients can earn a Claim Free Discount.
• There are special offers for Superannuates since Medipac has coverage credits for Federal Superannuates in addition to providing annual plan coverage at no extra cost.
• MedipacPLUS provides five benefits including first claim forgiveness to retain your Claim Free Discount, $5,000 accidental death benefit, return to Canada benefit, enhanced evacuation benefits and an increase of Policy Benefit Maximum to $5,000,000 U.S.
• Medipac Travel Insurance provides comprehensive and cost-effective Top-Up coverage for
Retired Teachers, Telephone and Hydro Retirees as well as Former Government Employees.
Simply “buy what you need.”
• Medipac Travel insurance can be purchased with stable and controlled medical conditions.
• Returning Medipac clients receive an additional premium discount (1% per year) of up to 7%.
• Medipac clients with no travel insurance claims receive a better premium rate and can earn up to an additional 10% discount for a healthy lifestyle.

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