Travel Insurance Plans

Parents Visiting Abroad Need Travel Insurance To Tide Over Emergency Situations

Travelling abroad is fun and has to be devoid of worries about medical emergencies that may arise and the unexpected costs that will have to be shelled out of pocket. Especially if your parents are travelling to abroad, it is best to purchase travel health insurance for seniors that relieve a lot of stressful situations […]

Why To Get Visitors Travel Insurance To Canada

When you decide to take a break from your regular interval and plan a travel abroad or within Canada, you would certainly like to have a smooth and tension free travel. However at some stance, unfortunate events like minor accidents or even sickness could spoil your travel and can cost you a hefty sum. Even […]

Choose Right Travel Insurance For Seniors

If you are travelling away from Canada or to Canada and more importantly you are a senior citizen, don’t travel without travel health insurance for seniors. There are many good health insurance quotes available, which will cover everything from minor sickness to major hospitalization. So be it just travelling for a small distance or altogether […]

Best Travel Insurance Plans

Traveling by any vehicle as a passenger or as driver could be risky at times. Motor vehicle accidents are the second leading cause of all hospitalizations in Canada. However, the risks become even greater when driving in a foreign country, where driving habits, road conditions are uncertain,  and traffic rules can be vastly different than […]