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Does My Travel Insurance Cover A Pre-Existing Disease That I Have?

We take extreme care while designing travel insurance for seniors as we understand the challenges you face while travel abroad or within the country. Your travel insurance will take care of any medical emergency that you may face during your travel plan and this thoughtfully planned snowbird insurance is equipped to ease away the pain […]

What Are Additional Benefits Under Travel Insurance Other Than Medical Coverage?

It is understood that the travel insurance covers the medical expenses that you might incur in you get sick while you are travelling but other than medical expenses there are a lot more in this Travel insurance. In the case of medical need, it also becomes difficult for the children you are having or your […]

Travel Insurance: Can I Get Treated For An Illness I Already Have?

It is the major concern for everyone who opts for a travel policy that whether the pre-existing conditions or illness can be treated under the insurance cover or not. The Travel Insurance provides for the cover of pre-existing health conditions but subject to its stability. The stability requirements of the pre-existing illness are well defined […]

What Type Of Travel Insurance Is Best?

Travel insurance is a part of your travelling kit while you start your journey. However, it is necessary that you choose the right travel insurance that suits your needs and requirements. The health requirement for seniors, snowbirds and youngsters is different and thus, a comprehensive travel insurance plan is always in consonance with your needs. […]

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Travel Insurance

Medipac Travel Insurance Medipac Travel Insurance has earned the Canadian Snowbird Association’s exclusive endorsement as the preferred travel insurance plan for the 2012-2013 travel season. According to a recent survey of our members and many Canadian travelers, the greatest concern while choosing a travel insurance plan is the comprehensive coverage balanced by price and emergency […]

Travel Insurance

A number of Travel Insurance products for snowbirds are offered with coverage available ages 55 plus. The best suited options can be chosen with our quick quoter. A number of plans are available: Multi-Trip Annual Plan: This includes unlimited number of 9, 16, 30 or 60-day trips anywhere in the world. Unlimited travel in Canada […]