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Emergency Medical Situation In Canada? Visitor Insurance Manages It Wonderfully!

While travelling to Canada, whether for pleasure or for business, it is essential to be secured with a visitor to Canada Insurance that is a great way to support during emergency medical situations. It is easy to purchase Visitor Insurance from reputed companies like Travel Shield and shield yourself for any situations that arise due […]

Visitors Insurance- A Safeguard Against Medical Emergencies In Canada

While travelling to a foreign land like Canada, it is always advisable to be fortified with the knowledge that in the case of an accident, sickness or any medical emergency, you will be assured of complete assistance. No need to worry about shelling out money from an already overburdened pocket when you buy visitors insurance. […]

Is There Flexibility To Choose Coverage Under Visitor To Canada Insurance?

A visitor to Canada insurance is designed to meet your expenses in case you meet with an unfortunate accident or in the case of your treatment and hospitalization. This insurance product is designed to provide cover as per your needs and has been categorized into three different plans i.e. Plan A, Plan B, and Comprehensive […]

What Are The Exclusions Under Visitor To Canada Insurance?

The visitor to Canada Insurance is an insurance cover specially designed for the visitors and those Canadians who are not availing government health insurance. The cover provides protection against the medical expenses that you would incur in case of any emergency medical need. However the coverage is not a blanket cover but also have certain […]

Best Insurance For Visitor To Canada

Visitors to Canada insurance plans are for the visitors, immigrants, foreign students and those Canadians who are without government health insurance. This provides for emergency medical coverage during a visit to Canada and thus the best cover should provide for comprehensive health coverage. The comprehensive plan must cover expenses against hospitalization, diagnostic services, drugs and […]

What Plan A of Visitor to Canada Insurance Is All about?

A visitor to Canada insurance has plans offering emergency medical coverage to visitors, immigrants, foreign students and also Canadians without government health insurance. The Plan A of Visitor to Canada Insurance provides charges for hospitalization and emergency out-patient services. This includes expenses towards paramedical services to the extent of 50% of expenses subject to the […]

Visitors To Canada Insurance: An Emergency Health Insurance

Canada is a popular destination for visitors, business travellers, new immigrants, and international study. What if a medical emergency or an unfortunate accident occurs in a foreign land? Do you have any plan for it? The treatment here in Canada is very expensive and can make a hole in your pocket. Here, Travel Shield’s Visitors […]

Top 10 vacation-savers for families

Vacation-savers 1. Choose destinations that have something to offer both parents and children according to their interests – for instance, cultural attractions as well as beaches. 2. Consider travelling with another family that has children the same ages as yours. The children will entertain each other, and parents can exchange childcare to enjoy occasional child-free […]

What are the requirements for Canadian Parent And Grandparent Super Visa

Canadian Government has recently announced that they will not be taking sponsorship applications for your parents and grand parents and this process is stopped for two years now ,However now we have the opportunity to apply for the Super visa , Now Super visa is basically a very hot topic nowadays on every news paper […]