Best Insurance For Visitor To Canada

Visitors to Canada insurance plans are for the visitors, immigrants, foreign students and those Canadians who are without government health insurance. This provides for emergency medical coverage during a visit to Canada and thus the best cover should provide for comprehensive health coverage.

The comprehensive plan must cover expenses against hospitalization, diagnostic services, drugs and injections and ambulance service as well. The cover is to be flexible in nature in terms of coverage amount and the best option is to get a plan covering maximum cover for hospitalization related expenses.

As an additional cover, the cover should also include the expenses towards repatriation, Dental emergencies, air transportation facility to the bedside or the nearest city. In any emergency, the expenses towards transportation of dependent children become a huge burden and thus, it must be covered.

Other benefits contributing in making the cover best in class is the cover against accidental death or disablement and flight accident and which provides for minimum exclusions. It is recommended to choose the best-suited plan from the available categories considering the requirements.

* Please refer to policy wording for full details of benefits and exclusions.

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