Visitors Insurance- A Safeguard Against Medical Emergencies In Canada

While travelling to a foreign land like Canada, it is always advisable to be fortified with the knowledge that in the case of an accident, sickness or any medical emergency, you will be assured of complete assistance. No need to worry about shelling out money from an already overburdened pocket when you buy visitors insurance. Travelshield is one such provider that offers a host of facilities that take care of these worries.

For any visitor to Canada, insurance will help in enjoying a break-free trip. The work permit visa Insurance is helpful for those who are here for employment purposes and covers hospitalization, ambulance services, diagnostic services and many other critical areas.

Tourists, visitors, students and work immigrants can avail of this 90 days health coverage from reputed companies like Travelshield and buy peace of mind in exchange of a minimum premium. The Visitor insurance policy is flexible and will provide every essential medical help if needed.

* Please refer to policy wording for full details of benefits and exclusions.

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