Visitors To Canada Insurance: An Emergency Health Insurance

Canada is a popular destination for visitors, business travellers, new immigrants, and international study. What if a medical emergency or an unfortunate accident occurs in a foreign land? Do you have any plan for it? The treatment here in Canada is very expensive and can make a hole in your pocket.

Here, Travel Shield’s Visitors To Canada Insurance¬† can help you. This emergency medical insurance includes many benefits like hospital accommodation, medical services which include treatment through well-qualified physicians, surgeons etc.

The emergency medical insurance plan also provides the coverage of paramedical service, dental damage, all diagnostic services like MRI, CAT scans, biopsies, ultrasound, medical prescription up to $5000*. Licensed ambulance services and in unfortunate cases, repatriation is also covered up to $5000*. There are many more benefits enlisted, which you can acquire from the executive or online.

In a nutshell, Travel Shield’s Visitors to Canada Insurance Coverage can be up to amount of $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 or $150,000 and definitely the benefits will exclusively be as per the plan.

So, contact us at 1-866-517-0606 to get a comprehensive emergency medical policy for yourself today.

(depending on the plan)*

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