Additional Coverage

In order to provide comprehensive coverage for your clients benefit plan, Canada Insurance Plan in conjunction with SSQ Insurance offers supplementary coverage to all Canada Insurance Plan applicants. This is to provide your clients with protection for them and their employees should something catastrophic happen medically either in province or while traveling at a minimal price. This product is exclusively for Canada Insurance Plan clients.

The coverage is in no way meant to replace traditional insurance and does include a pre-existing condition clause (six months) for the In Province Catastrophic component only -  the Travel component of the coverage does not include a pre-existing condition clause. It can, however, provide tremendous financial relief should an unexpected accident or injury occur. The coverage is a combination of 2 components explained as follows:

NOTE: If you are UNincorporated, this coverage is mandatory.


1. Travel Component:

If you and/or your covered dependants require medical or surgical treatment outside of your own province of residence, this plan will pay certain covered expenses to a maximum of $1,000,000.

There is no deductible associated with this component, however, is limited to a maximum trip length of 60 days.

2. In Province Catastrophic Component: (stop/loss coverage)

If you and/or your
covered dependants require medical or surgical treatment due to Injury, Sickness or Disease in your province of residence, this plan will pay for the following covered expenses after you have satisfied the deductible  of $1500  per person.

The plan will then cover up to $25,000 per category expense up to a combined maximum of $125,000 annually. The applicable categories are as follows:

a) Semi private hospital room and board
b) Private nursing
c) Prescription drugs, sera and vaccines
d) Ambulance (including air)
e) Services of specific licensed paramedical practitioners
f) Rental of durable medical equipment

  Monthly Cost
Annual Cost








Please refer to contract for full details of benefits and restrictions.

3. Added Benefits

As a bonus offering, SSQ Insurance also includes an additional services at no extra cost

A call centre that provides answers to all types of health related questions from highly experienced registered nurses and medical professionals 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can call as often as you like and talk as long as you want...and the call is strictly confidential so you can feel safe to talk about anything.