How Does it Work


If you operate a business, are self employed* or an independent contractor*, you are eligible. The business must be your main source of revenue as an individual is not able to create a company for the sole purpose of a health and welfare trust. There are no minimums or maximum size requirements.


  • One time set-up fee of $250 payable to Canada Insurance Plan
  • There are NO per employee charges at set up
  • 10% administration fee for each claim submitted to Canada Insurance Plan plus applicable taxes depending on province of residence
  • For example, for a $1,000 dental bill, Canada Insurance Plan will charge a $100 processing fee


  • HST of 13% required on the 10% administration fee
  • PST of 8% required on claim amount
  • Premium tax of 2% on claim amount and administration fee
British Columbia
  • HST of 12% required on the  administration fee
Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan
  • GST of 5% required on the 10% administration fee
Atlantic provinces
  • HST of 13% required on 10% administration fee