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During a health uncertainity when out of your country travelling somewhere else , you might face alot of financial expenses to recover therefore in Canada we have Supervisa Insurance to cover the medical expenses of parents and Grandparents who want to visit their loved ones .

$100,000 Emergency Coverage - 365 days

Health Care | Hospitalization | Repatriation

Emergency Extended Health

The insurer agrees to reimburse for the following services, supplies or treatment, when provided by a health practitioner who is not related to you by blood or marriage:

a) Private duty services of a Registered Nurse when approved in advance by Claim Administrator.Not to exceed $10,000.

b) The services of a legally licensed physiotherapist when ordered by the attending physician as treatment for a covered injury. Not to exceed $500 for out-patient treatment.

c) The services of a legally licensed doctor of chiropractic for treatment of a covered injury. Not to exceed $500.

d) The services of a legally licensed osteopath when ordered by the attending physician as treatment for a covered injury. Not to exceed $500 for out-patient treatment.

e) The services of a legally licensed chiropodist when ordered by the attending physician as treatment for a covered injury. Not to exceed $500 for out-patient treatment.

f) The services of a legally licensed podiatrist when ordered by the attending physician as treatment for a covered injury. Not to exceed $500 for out-patient treatment.

g) When performed at the time of the initial emergency, lab tests and/or X-ray examination as ordered by a physician for the purpose of diagnosis.

h) The use of a licensed local air, land, or sea ambulance (including mountain or sea evacuation) to the nearest hospital, when reasonable and necessary.

i) Rental of crutches or hospital-type bed, not exceeding the purchase price; and the cost of splints, trusses, braces or other approved prosthetic appliances.

j) Emergency out-patient services provided by a hospital.

k) Drugs or medications that require a physician’s written prescription, not exceeding a one-month supply.Not to exceed $500 per insured.

Meals and Accommodation

The insurer agrees to reimburse up to $150 per day to a maximum of $1,500, or up to a maximum 10 days in the event you (or your insured travelling companion) are confined to hospital on the date on which you are scheduled to return home. The insurer will reimburse for commercial accommodation, meals, child care costs (children under age 18, or physically or mentally handicapped travelling companion(s) who rely on you for assistance), essential telephone calls and taxi fares incurred by you or any insured travelling companion. We will only reimburse these expenses if you have actually paid for them.

Return of Deceased

In the event of death due to a covered sickness or injury, the insurer agrees to reimburse up to:

a) $10,000 for the costs incurred to prepare and return your remains in a standard transportation container, to your country of origin; or

b) $4,000 for cremation or burial at the place of death. The cost of a coffin or urn is not covered.

Our Signature Plan – The Real Comprehensive Plan – Great Value for your money.

Most insurance plans for Super Visa are for medical emergencies only. We are proud to bring to you a plan that is a real comprehensive plan, in addition to the coverage for medical emergencies, it also covers non-medical emergency for the following benefits:-

A – Annual check-up* – Just like you can go to your family doctor for an annual check-up, the same way your parents can also go for an annual check-up and use the benefit up to $250 for the doctor visit or lab tests, etc.

B – Eye Exam* – Once a year, you can get eyes examined up to $100 benefit and can be a routine checkup, does not have to an emergency.

C – Vaccines* – Up to $100 for vaccines and is non-emergency treatment.

*Please refer to policy document for the full description of the benefit. 

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Last updated : 09/04/2023
The Canadian government launched the Super Visa program to invite parents and grandparents to Canada and to give them the opportunity to stay longer with their families, who live in other countries.

However, most of the time people get confused with Super Visa Insurance and Travel Insurance. Below are some common differences between the two:
• In terms of coverage, Super Visa Insurance is issued by the Federal Government and the Travel insurance by regular insurance providers.
• The Super Visa Insurance and the Travel Insurance have a difference in legalities, requirements, and procedures.
• In Travel Insurance, the visitor is the applicant and he or she is responsible for filling and submitting all the documents. While in Super Visa Insurance the applicant is the host. The host who is sponsoring his parents has to be a Canadian citizen and he is responsible to provide all facilities to the visitors on their every single visit (multiple visits).
• Super Visa Insurance has to be applied and obtained before departing the home country; on the other hand, Travel Insurance can be availed at any time, even after arriving in Canada.
• Super Visa Insurance offers health coverage of a minimum of $100,000 up to 365 days; whereas, Travel Insurance can be for any number of days.
• The travel insurance is very easy to apply for, anybody can apply and qualify after submitting valid documents but in the case of Super Visa Insurance the sponsored person, who is going to invite visitors from an outside country needs to be a citizen of Canada or have permanent residency.

There is a lot more about Travel Insurance and Super Visa Insurance from their eligibility criteria to require documents and different plans.

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  • Alan Y.

    Definitely recommend for the price.
    Doni Shokirov

    I had lot of concern about my dad's preexisting condition while preparing his application for super visa, but was not sure, how insurance plans works, what is covered and what is not. I called Canada Insurance Plan, all my questions were answered to my satisfaction. very happy with the service, would recommend to family friends.
    Ike Barredo

    Within 15 minutes received a phone call after completing quote form, very professional broker assisted with quote answered questions and in 10 minutes policy was delivered to my inbox. Excellent service.
  • Xi Chen

    No one explained the refund policy better than Canada Insurance Plan, I called few companies. Very clear, Easy to understand.

    I want to thank you for your prompt service in dealing with family's life insurance needs.

    Really happy that I made the purchase.

    Buying insurance was easy and policy was emailed in 10 minutes.
  • Mohammed

    I have been approached by many pushy insurance people in the past and I was surprised and impressed at what a difference a good broker can make. You were pleasantly persistent and very responsive to my questions and concerns.

    I think this site is awesome and will recommend it to anyone. The info you guys provide for free and with good nature make me feel as if I should be paying for your service.

    Not only did I get an immediate quote to my insurance inquiry, but they followed up promptly and finalized everything in the comfort of my own home.
  • Parvati

    I was truly impressed with the time and energy you put forth in serving my insurance needs.
    Grace and Tom

    Needed help with claim, our broker AJ Bharj spent lot of time to get everything sorted, I appreciate this more as he was available for after sale service and did not just transfer call to someone else.

    We very much enjoyed doing business with you and would unequivocally refer your name to friends and family looking for assistance with their insurance and financial needs.
  • Frank

    I have always been very happy with their professionalism and their first rate follow-up.

    I would definitely use Amaninder's services again and recommend him to my family, colleagues and friends.

    We would also like to thank you for your friendly business style and the efficient manner in which everything was handled.
    Hitesh Patel

    Excellent price, definitely recommend.
  • Alain

    It was easy to apply, policy delivered in minutes. Visa was approved so policy was excellent accepted by CIC.

    Prompt service, no one pushed to purchase, options were given to me. I needed time to decide. received followup call as requested.
    Lilian Acosta

    I completed application process online, purchased policy online, policy was emailed to me. One of the brokers from the company called to go over benefits of the policy, terms and conditions. Not many companies call after you buy stuff. Excellent Customer Service, felt cared for.
  • Razia Sultana

    Good Price, explained well. Recommended.
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