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Visitors to Canada- Medical Travel Insurance

Affordable Plan for All Travelers If you are planning to Canada then you have to go there with your Medical Travel Insurance. As we know that life has a way that interrupts our best travel plan. So we have to cover before whether it is medical emergency, lost baggage, trip cancelation or any other facts. […]

Insurance For Visitors to Canada

Planning For Visiting Canada? Most Visitors need a valid passport, many requires visitor visas. Different requirements exit for citizens or permanent residents. Canada is a diverse country for various reasons, including but not limited to the geographical areas, the climates, the languages, the provinces and the multicultural cities. Canada, covering over 9.9 million square kilometers, […]

Top 10 Places to Visit in Toronto Video

On number 10 is Frans Restaurant, Great Way to Start a day is at Frans Restaurant which is open 24 hours a day Every single day of the year , ever since opened in 1940’s Frans been known for its great breakfast. On Number 9 are Toronto’s Historical theaters like the Royal Alexandra ,The Princess […]

Top 10 vacation-savers for families

Vacation-savers 1. Choose destinations that have something to offer both parents and children according to their interests – for instance, cultural attractions as well as beaches. 2. Consider travelling with another family that has children the same ages as yours. The children will entertain each other, and parents can exchange childcare to enjoy occasional child-free […]

Save for a family vacation

MAKE SAVING A FAMILY AFFAIR If you spend a lot of time reading or thinking about the urgent need to start saving now for your retirement, the idea of spending money on a family holiday may seem like a shockingly irresponsible use of your income. Yet family holidays – not dollars – are what long-lasting […]

Visitors to Canada travel

Choosing the right plan Comparison Chart Policy wording We also provide Supervisa Insurance you may like to visit our Super Visa forum on our website Discuss with our insurance advisor your particular health conditions if you have any , on our tollfree number 1-866-517-0606. You might also like to fill in free obligation quote for […]

Can I get Premiums refunded if my parents decide not to come after getting Super Visa?

It depends which Insurance company you got your SuperVisa Insurance Policy from, some insurance companies allow you to cancel the trip before effective date, you can have 100 % refund where as other companies do have a cancellation fee for a Super visa insurance , If you cancel it after getting visa . For example […]

When Travelling with a Chronic Illness

When Travelling with a Chronic Illness You should consult your doctor at least four months prior to your departure to ensure that your illness is well under control, and you can travel. If you cross the age of 55, visit your doctor at least seven months prior to departure. If you are failure to consult […]

Preparing for Your Vacation Travel Tips Insurance

Preparing for Your Vacation Travel Tips Insurance Get information well before your leave your travel agent is some  of the reliable sources for useful travel information, a foreign destination travel guide, or you can contact us and we will provide you best information on your destination prior to your departure. In case your per-departure time […]